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  • Chad Dupin

Reese Recognized For The East Grand Rapids Mural

The East Grand Rapids City Commission recognized the students and faculty involved in the redesign and painting of the Lakeside Drive Mural project earlier this year. In March, high school art students Abby Schad and Audrey Grunewalt approached the city commission seeking permission to redesign the fading mural on the retaining wall on Lakeside Drive across from the employee parking lot at the Community Center. The city commission approved the proposed design and authorized funds for supplies to complete the new mural. The students worked with the Public Works Department to prepare and patch the wall surface and provide safety barricades to protect those stenciling and painting on the wall over several weekends. The work was completed in mid-June at a cost of just $760 for primer, paint, drop cloths, rollers, brushes, etc.

The City of East Grand Rapids recognized the following students for their work on this outstanding community beautification project:

Reese being recognized by her principal, Craig Weigel, at the homecoming pep assembly

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